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CUPS and Unity Connection

I`ve got CUPS and Unity Connection working- watch  out for a gotcha for me at least,If you add users into CUC via the synch option on the Connection page. In our set up the Alias in CUC is the first and Last name, when you set up the account in CUPS ...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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LDAP Error message

Hi,We have a CUCM 7.1 cluster & Unity Connection 7.1 both integrated with Microsoft AD. All is working fine & has been for several years........but i just noticed something recently when i forced a manual sync.It comes up with error "Failed to Connec...

rchaseling by Participant
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translation patterns question

Hi,How can I cut the 1234 from the called id with translation patterns ? Can I add this translation pattern to the dial-peer ? ex:dial-peer voice 111 voip     destination-pattern 1234....     session target-ipv4: want to cut this 1234. There ...

ACL on a CUBE issue

Hello everybody!There is a CUBE (Cisco 2821 witch IOS 12.4 (13)T) which is provided connections H323-to-SIP and vice versa between CCM 7.1 working on H323 and SIP softswitch of provider. As the CUBE is located between different subnets it has two dif...

new project "VOIP"

Greetings everyone,we are about to introduce voip into our infrastructure, i have zero experience with the above mentioned topic.i am not really experienced with switching.what are your suggestions, where to start reading about the topic?i need help ...

Resolved! User rigths administration in the Cisco Call Manager 7.0?

Hi,I would like to create a customized user account that has administrator access to      ”Cisco Unified Serviceability”     ”Cisco Unified CM Administration”     ”Cisco Unified Reporting”     ”Cisco Unified OS Administration”     ”Katastrofe genopre...