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911 Busy

Our setup was done by a vendor and worked well. All of the sudden 911 calling stopped working. We get an immediate busy signal. I talked with our telco provider and they tell me they can't replicate it so it must be our equipment. I am looking for tr...

Help I cant make a call

When i got my 2901 voice router i deleted all the files off it that i thought could have to older configurations from the previous owner but that included all the ringtones and the two xml files that are apparently needed RingList.xml and DESTINCTIVE...

SIP IP Relay

Hi all,Hope someone out there knows of a product that can help.Looking to control some devices VIA dry contacts. Looking for a device that can accept SIP calls and has a dry contact relay.Preferably has more than 1 relay so i can dial *1 to control d...

CER 11.5 Unlocated Phones

Hello,   I'm having some issues with the "unlocated phones" report from CER v11.5.4.50000-6.  I have many phones in the report with the status of "Switchport Configuration" under the "Why this ERL is used?" column.  Problem is that all the phones lis...

p-blalock by Beginner
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Unity 12.5 licensing errors

in Unity 12.5 CLI, I run a license smart reservation return and get the following.  Error occured while processing request :com.retrogui.dualrpc.common.CallException: <remote_exception><sessionid>5440245</sessionid><class>java.lang.NullPointerExcepti...

lb123 by Beginner
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IP Phones New Firmware Issues

Dears,This is a CUCM environment version 11.5 and we're planning to upgrade to version 12.5. After Firmware upgrades, we have faced the following issues:Following IP Phones Firmware Upgrade from sip8845_65.10-3-2-16 to sip8845_65.12-5-1SR3-74, 2 phon...

lanou by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Route Pattern VS Partition

Hey guys, i was trying to study Route Pattern,Partition and css i try to read alot of documentation,but still these topics are not clear can anyone please explain what these are and for what we use them? and major what what's the difference be patter...

rjunaid.sh by Beginner
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MoH Issue

All, I am facing a very strange issue with MoH on CUCM 9.1.2.. Here is the scenario:   PSTN------->CUBE (g711alaw)------SIP---->CUCM------->Cisco Jabber---->Call Forward to a Hunt Pilot   If I enable Hunt Pilot 'Call Queuing' and specify a Music on H...

drbabbers by Participant
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Phone Registration Errors

I am getting registration errors on my cisco ip phone 7962 I cant get it to register in the cucme becuase it keeps saying that it cant find sep(themacaddressofsaidphone).cnf.xml but i created the cnf files and did a tftp flash i dont get what is wron...