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I cannot seem to get my new VG-224 to register to CM.  Setting the VG-224 up as SCCP- I built the gateway in CM and configured the VG-224.  I can ping the IP address of the VG-224 but it does not register to CM.  Can post the VG-224 config if needed....

When using CCMUser, the user tries to change their password. When then try to save they get the following error:missing key in referenced table for referential constraint (informix.tk_enduser_tklocale)The kicker is the password is actually updated a...

mtashiro by Level 1
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Hi all,I wonder if someone could help me with the following doubts regarding Cisco's Business Attendant Console and Department Attendant Console.I've been reading datasheets and Q&A's but couldn't find what I needed to know.- Is it possible to upgrad...

guilherme by Level 1
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Hello,I have a cisco Call manager express 2821. Show Telephony-service command shows it as version 4.1(0).I have a cisco 7975 Phone which is running SCCP 8.3.2 version, recently i have tried to attache a operator console 7916-12 to it, but Phone wont...

Asim ali by Level 1
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