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Resolved! Extension Mobility

Hi,I have CUCMBE 6.0 deployedinmy network and i need to deploy Extension mobility for all the users. Also any user can login on any phone. Can any one suggest me that what ie the right way to deploy it. I have multiple partitions.

Hi, By mistake i have deleted the firmware of a cisco ip phone 7941 uing this code # 3491672850*#its connected to call manager version now all it shows is a blank screen.Is there any way that i can load the Default firmware to this phone with...

Ok, so I have a phone background file in a invalid tftp directory on one of my CallManager 7.1(2) servers. I guess when I copied and pasted the directory path from Word it inserted some special characters in the path. It really isn't causing a prob...

Hi Guys,I have setup mobile voice access successfully using a mobile phone number as a remote destination and am able to login and make calls successfully. However, if i add a second remote destination such as a random extension number to that users ...