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Hey guys, i was trying to study Route Pattern,Partition and css i try to read alot of documentation,but still these topics are not clear can anyone please explain what these are and for what we use them? and major what what's the difference be patter...

rjunaid.sh by Beginner
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All, I am facing a very strange issue with MoH on CUCM 9.1.2.. Here is the scenario:   PSTN------->CUBE (g711alaw)------SIP---->CUCM------->Cisco Jabber---->Call Forward to a Hunt Pilot   If I enable Hunt Pilot 'Call Queuing' and specify a Music on H...

drbabbers by Participant
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I am getting registration errors on my cisco ip phone 7962 I cant get it to register in the cucme becuase it keeps saying that it cant find sep(themacaddressofsaidphone).cnf.xml but i created the cnf files and did a tftp flash i dont get what is wron...

We have an ASA-5506-X connected to 150/20 InternetThe ASA is running 9.13(1) no Firepower 7 VOIP phones are connected to a Cisco SG250-52P ( SG350 connects directly to a port on the ASA - no other devices are connected to the SG350 except...

We have sites that are connected over SDWAN connections. None of these sites have SRST or any local voice services.Phones configured  on voice vlan with AutoVPN. While the SDWAN tunnel is up the phone connects over the tunnel without issue and the VP...

Hello all, I try to ensure the inbound PSTN calls can ring on Cisco phone and 3rd party phone simultaneously. Question: How to direct the inbound calls to both of Cisco phone and SIP trunk (which connected between CUCM and  SBC)?  So the call could h...

master001 by Explorer
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Today i was trying to install cucm using touchless method. but i entered with the following error: " Invalid password it is based on a dictionary word.The password must be at least six characters long and can contain alphanumeric characters, hyphens,...

jaheshkhan by Enthusiast
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