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I have a couple of FAXes connected to FXS ports on a UC520 that send FAXes out over an ISDN/PRI connection. I was getting spotty results with some FAXes going thru and others failing. Troubleshooting the problem I found that the problem seems to be...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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When i lift the handset off the cradle the speaker light illuminates automatically, when I press the speaker button to disable it terminates the incoming call. Any ideas on how to disable this feature would be greatly appreciated.

Hi,I have run DMA 6.1 on my CCM V4.1(3) Publisher.I have received 6 Warning messages in the warning log file. All warnings are related to the TelecasterServiceParameter.eg Warning message (Business Rule Violation): TelecasterServiceParameter Descrip...

iwearing by Beginner
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We are on CallManager 5.1. We are getting harrassing phone calls and I was wondering if there is a way to enable a temporary mask on outbound calls?I can make a blanket phone number mask change in CallManager, but is there a way to punch in a code f...

We have CCM 6.1.0 I have a user that used to be able to make Long Distance Calls but can not make them now. The Partition and Calling Search Space are ones that allow Long Distance Calls. Is there a way to correct the problem?

Mojo1 by Beginner
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