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1. What is Standard Local Route Group useful? When and why is it used? 2. What is SRST. What are the things to keep in mind while creating it. Please share any documents on SRST. 

Facing issue with the Cisco CUAC Advanced operator console. Once operator logs in, a pop-up is observed with message "Your extension XXXX is out of service. You will not be able to make or receive calls." Cisco Unified CM Administration System versio...


Hi all Hope you may help. My search has yet to uncover the answer. I have a 78xx phone  2 lines reprogrammed , cucm 10.x and would like to have a number of speed dials available (more than 30). The speed dials are added via the self servive portal. W...

_Wilson_ by Level 1
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Hi Team; I'm shipping 3units   7937 Cisco Conference Phones to India, but Customes is requesting the BIS Certificate of it. do you know where I can find this information? I already asked to our Cisco Partner and is not able to get that information fo...

orellanas by Level 1
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I've been doing some updates at several remote locations and somehow I broke Caller-id. We used some older 2811's as H.323 gateways as well as routers on a stick, during the process I updated the IOS from 12.4 to 15.1, increased the RAM, PVDM2, and a...

mmoss80 by Level 1
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