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Hello All, Has any one tried to bulk update to configure the VG350 ports? I referred to the following article http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/unified-communications/bulk-administration-tool/118882-config-vg-00.html but wasnt able to get it...

I need to understand the usage of voice codec: what i know the analog line bandwidth is 64 kbps when iam using g711ulaw codec for example or g792 it's will compress the voice traffic to 8 kbps is that mean 1 analog line can handle 8 calls in one time...

Hello, I`m a beginner in the fantastic world of Cisco, so i have a question. I`m try to understand Single Number Reach...Singel Number Reach can ring my busniss phone together with my (maybe privat) cell phone. But how it differentiate this from a no...

maree95 by Level 1
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I am running into an issue with the 8861 phones we have. When you dial off hook there is a 10-15 second delay in the call going out. I have adjusted the t302 timer to the lowest value and that helped a little but we are still seeing the delay. Howeve...

putney_m by Level 1
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Hello We have ordered a few 8851 cisco phones and just short of half the Data jack jumpers going to the computer is loose and loses connectivity. any movement of the phone causes connectivity issues to the computer. and telling people to gently s...