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Fax Machine

Hi, I have 2 site, one is HQ and second is Site B, HQ have fax machine (688) connected on a FXS during router, and Site B have router have FXS and connected fax machine (7614), I tried to send fax from Site B (7614) to HQ (688) but failed. and from (...

Cisco IP Communicator?

HI, I have installed CISCO IP Communicator onto a user laptop and after first installation it worked fine.now each time the user logs in and launches the app, the app opens but the display remains black and doent'nt show any text.if i log onto the la...

8800 Phone not detecting POE

We are putting 8800 Cisco phones in place.  We are coming across some phones that are not detedting the POE on the port of a Cisco 3650 switch.  We plug a tester in and we can see that we are getting POE then we plug the phone back in and it powers o...