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dear all   We are planning to configure the cisco gateway E1 with mgcp protocols, however during srst we have both sip and sccp phone to support survival. I have configure mgcp fallback , sip srst .during srst  everything works as expected ,but when ...

  We have CME in the main office with a remote site connecting across ASAs. Paging works in the main office, but if the remote site tries to page their office, the handsets look like they are paging, but no sound comes out.  

Does anyone know a good software to install in a laptop and make mostly SIP or H323 test calls for testing purposes? I often happen to install SX as standalone and I want to test them as SIP incoming or outgoing calls from and to my laptop. I know th...

Hello, I am trying to understand correctly the max-dn function of the Basic SRST mode for IOS 15.5-3-M5 Actually, we would like to have 40 different ephones (max-ephones 40) with 2 DN each registered to the GW (so 80 DN), but each DN would need the p...