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LMS 4.1 W2k8 R2I recently installed 17 stacks of 3560V2 switches at a site and added them to LMS4.1.  What I have found is that data collection is failing for all but the top switch in the stack.  In other workds, in some cabinets I may have 4 switch...

jedavis by Level 4
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Hi folks.A few days ago I had an issue at a remote location where packet loss was observed between the ISP's 2nd and 3rd hop routers.  Pings were fine up to our gateway.  I thought this would make for an interesting TCL script:  specify a particular ...

clausonna by Level 3
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Can anyone help on this below configuration Platinum (According to real time class)    ****************************************Voice RTPGold (40% of remaining)***********************Voice signallingCitrixVideo conferencingSilver (20% of remaining)***...

I'm looking for an SNMP trap receiver that will collect snmp trap messages, has a search feature, and will alert network team via email in the event of an outage (eg: bgp peer down messages). Something easy to use and that can install rather quickly....

Was given this applet by Cisco Tac,  waiting to hear from them as well;event manager applet capture_cpu_spikeevent snmp oid get-type next entry-op ge entry-val 85 exit-time 600 poll-interval 1action 1.0 cli command "enable"action...

jhryder by Level 1
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I currently have EEM running some applets, and they're working, but I cannot figure out how to suppress the messages popping up in the console.  I send the output from a cli command to syslog using a watchdog timer.  I can do a "no logging console in...