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Hi,I have a WLC 3750 and use the web authentication method with the internal login-page. Now I would like to add a link to a PDF document which is supposed to be available before logging in. In other words: Clients connect to the W-LAN and get access...

I need some help setting up a 7606s so that I can send certain traffic through a DPI platform. The vendor has suggested that using a VRF would be better than using PBR, but does not have any examples. I have a circuit terminating on Gi1/22 with 2 sub...

I have an iPad that uses an app to control the house. I create a dyndns url to maintain connection to the house from the outside world. When I bring the iPad onto the internal network, the url routing fails. Externally, it works fine. I think it's so...

mclinehan by Level 1
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Good morning, I need to configure an acl that blocks telnet access from an internet-facing router.I think I want to do something like this:access-list 102 deny tcp any any eq telnetBut I read a single deny entry will have the effect of implicitly den...

bsciarra1 by Level 1
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Hello folks,I'm using a and my partner told me that this version is out-of-sale and I'm messing with my mind if I buy a new one supervisor or migrate to ASR 1000 seriescan some please advice me what's the best equipment solution can I use for WAN agg...

Hi all,I had already posted for voice modules for cisco 2811 but  not able to find it. But here are a few questions regarding i1. I am trying to configure a cisco 2811 with FXS ports . I am using an NM-HD-2V with a VIC3-2FXS. Please let me know if I ...

mukundh86 by Level 1
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Hi,I have installed am ATM module in a 2821 router, but I have no chance to put the command 'mode atm aim 1'murotuer(config)#controller E1 0/3/0myrouter(config-controller)#mode ?  cas  Configure CAS (Channel Associated Signal) mode  ccs  Configure CC...

Hi,we have a problem. we have a router which performs NAT, and behind router we have ASA. in inside we have a server. we need requests which come to our outside interface with port number 9000 convert to server ip with port number 443. we do port add...

I am attaching the packet tracer file "Wrong Rip.pkt", in which i have configured networks as in the pic , The problem is when i remove the network from the scene, everything works perfectly i.e each route...

veddotcom by Level 1
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OSPF adjacency is not established. HELP.router1(X)async1/10----[modem1]------leased line------[modem2]----Serial0/2/2(X)router2 router1#sh ver Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-IPBASE-M), Version 12.4(8a), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2) Technical Su...

oldvoffka by Level 1
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