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What device is optimus for doing massive NATs

Hello,Due to IPv4 exhaustion, I'm forced to do NAT to my customers can access Internet. I'll have to NAT over 4000 users with 1000 public IPs. Each user can generate over 20 different flows and traffic generated for this users would be over 600 Mbps....

Upgrade NAM-2

Dear'sI wanna upgrade NAM-2 from 4.0 to latest 5.0 OR 5.1, I  m refering the below link: there any configuration example l...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Lan to Lan Connection Using IPSec

Hi, I'm trying to create a secure tunnel between our office & my home.   The aim being that if I ping a 192.168.100.x number (the office), then  it works, even if I'm sat on my 192.168.3.x number at home. I've followed a cisco document on how to cr...

rob.hill by Beginner
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CH-STM1 can't boot up

Hi,CH-STM1 can't boot up with information below, how should i do?LTYBBKCA0AW#sh hw-module all fpd ==== ====================== ====== =============================================                              H/W   Field Programmable   Current   Mi...

Rojer-bkk by Beginner
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WAN link failover by DNS tracking

Hi All,I want to configure link fail over by DNS tracking.i have two WAN link i want if ISP1 link is goes down then ISP2 became prepared to take over ISP1 and it should vise versa .when both link is up with in this time my server traffic should pass ...

Arup Dutta by Beginner
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Dear all,I have following quires ,!)Following graphs are shown  ans "free memory per secoun/hour".So that means are those  shown free memory or memory utilaisation??Eg:1st graph-62%--memory free or utilised???2) if it 62% utilised,what could  be the ...

Resolved! Branch Office QoS Questions

Hello all !!! Hope everyone is doing well !!!!I've got a couple QoS questions and hope someone can help clarify.I have MPLS T1 at the branch office with QoS enabled (see QoS policy below). I allocated 40% of the T1 to the strict priority queue for vo...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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Inbound QoS question

hii have a cisco 2901 and a cisco 2801 router. I am trying to come up with a qos config that prioritises citrix packets as well as voice.the below config works on a cisco 2801 router but not on a cisco 2901 router. qos prioritises packes for citrix o...

Resolved! CATos to IOS conversion

Somebody please help I just started a new Position and they have CATos still runing on some of there 4506 and 6509 switches. I amy trying to come up with a plan to upgrade the switches to IOS but I dont know if they will take it or not. I know I need...

ASA Management / L3 Routing

I have an ASA 5510 connected to our L3 Core ProCurve switch.The ProCurve handles all inter-vlan routing.ASA Internal VLAN253: VLAN253: Default Route: I have a management VLAN/subn...

Resolved! Router 1841

Hello,I have a cisco router 1841 with WIC 2T installed. I use only one serial for leased internet line SHDSL and one ethernet interface to connect to the LAN.I want to install new internet DSL line which is terminated by ethernet cable by the provide...

how to prevent loops? (STP)

hi, im using packet tracer,i have 3 switches that are linked together in the shape of a triangle, i have just setup vlan trunking but in doing so the orange blocked port that prevents looping has turned green.How do i reblock the port without shuting...

dparmar89 by Beginner
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EIGRP metric calculation

Hello,I'm re-learning some things and getting way into the weeds. I don't have access right now to a stack of equipment to test this so I thought I would ask here.EIGRPs FD is based on the slowest links' bandwidth plus cumulative delay times 256. Got...