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I have a Cisco ISR that I am trying to add two ISPs for basic internet traffic. I configured IP sla and tracking so that when ISP1 fails, ISP2 becomes the gateway of last resort. This works exactly how I expect it. However, I am confused on how NAT p...

Resolved! ISSU on ASR1002-HX

Trying to figure out how to do ISSU on a Cisco ASR-1002-HX. This model has the single, integrated RP that runs two instances of IOS-XE on it and supports ISSU. When I run the "request platform software package install" command on the router, with the...

Hi, I have configured SVTI between two routers, if we shutdown the tunnel interface then the tunnel at both ends goes down but when we shut down physical interface at one end then the other side tunnel still up and it goes down after 40 mins.  Thanks...

abid1 by Beginner
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Hello Team,   We have a route Map « FROM_TEST1» configured to filter a BGP route under OSPF. We have detect that this subnet «» is appear in the routing table , Which is not normal for us. SW#sh run | s router router ospf 21 vrf DATAlog...

Pierre2018 by Beginner
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Hi there. We have 2 ASR 1001-HX routers. I've tested 3 different versions of IOSxe in order to enable securityk9 Right-to-Use license, but there was no result. Currently active boot system image : asr1000-universalk9.16.06.04.SPA.bin   previous image...

Va.8427 by Beginner
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Hi, I configured Ipsec tunnel between two endpoints with Virtual-Template interface at one end. Tunnel is established successfully between both routers with Tunnel1 at one end and Virtual-Access1 at other end. I am unable to add static route with ex...

HelloMoving from LAB to production and I cannot get the HUB router to participate in EIGRP.  I see in the logs neighbor not found ( which is the spoke's tunnel interface.HUB:interface Tunnel1 ip address no ip redirec...

This may be an issue with packet tracer itself. I probably just need to start a new "template".     as shown on the right, my router has a dhcp pool that was created under the network and it was working fine earlier but now one of my hos...

LateLearn by Beginner
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HI ,   Can you please help me whether Cisco Catalyst 2960XR-24TD-I supports PBR, RIPv2, OSPFv2,RIPng, OSPFv3IPV6 First hop security, Static routing and also Dual stack mode to run both IPv4 & IPv6 RIP and RIPng..  If yes then what will be the part nu...

shantanu by Beginner
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Hi, I'm trying to use one 877 router as an ADSL gateway, just supplying a WAN connection to a backend 877 router that needs to speak to my ISR back at HQ in order to form a VPN tunnel. Normally we have these directly connected but I need to have a s...

Rich549 by Beginner
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