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After a new installation I did a test uppload, but it fails: ------------------- "------A connectivity exception occured while processing the request. The Exception is :: HTTPs TransportMode has Failed 500:Internal Server Error"   admin# show version...

May I ask, in case of a CSPC redeploy, which information do I need to backup in order to do not start from scratch? I've heard mentioned at least two: "Device Credentials", "Managed Devices". - Are those two enough? - Which are the recommended export...

Hi,   we primarily use the services portal for PSS. One of our customers has added me as a user for their SNTC collector. This was done this morning and i received the email saying i have been granted access.  when i access

Mike Kemp by Beginner
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Hi Cisco team,   I have around 6 core Nexus devices in my network, in the discovery job, I have put them all and selected Routing table with 14 CDP hops. some of them show that they are not SNMP reachable, and those ones are directly connected to my ...

Need to ensure all CSPC settings are compatible with SNTC. Our last successful upload was in April 2018. ID CSP000***. Several of our upload profiles still have NOS and do not give an SNTC option in the upload profile. Thank you !!   *** - Text has ...

Hi, we recently removed some network devices and the CSP collector server is no longer showing them in its inventory but the cisco web portal is still showing these devices in the custom or all devices inventory. What am I missing here? The collector...

raylw by Beginner
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