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My switch is not asking for enable passwordHere is my switch config: line con 0line vty 0 4 access-class 101 in exec-timeout 5 0 transport preferred ssh transport input ssh transport output noneline vty 5 15 access-class 101 in exec-timeout 5 0 trans...

Hello,A few questions regarding setting the root bridge...What is the Cisco recommended way to set the root bridge for several vlans?In our environment we will be deploying a collapsed core design with a stack of 4500X switches.  The access layer wil...

mwhite1983 by Beginner
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It is not directly clear from the documentation, but i assume all 48 standard onboard SFP+ ports support FEX connectivity and FCOE possibility ?regards,GN

gnijs by Enthusiast
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I have some catalysts switches and need to tune one of them (switch A) for following environment.Switch A has 2 vrfs, one to connect to other catalysts (vpn_rt) and one to route local subnets (vpn_common). Route leaking is made by bgp.router bgp 6553...

Resolved! Etherchannel

Hi, I want to implement etherchannel on 2960 2sfp GLC-SX-MM 2 ports uplink ports to 3750G-12Scan I implement on etherchannel on uplinks pereira 

pereira41 by Beginner
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Can be the Nexus 1000v run as a normal Virtual Machine?I am stuck with adding network interfaces and utilizing them in nx-os console.I do not need to replace  the simple switch in vCenter.I just want to run instance of N1k to test its TRILL (fabricpa...

imarek004 by Beginner
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Hello there,I am currently planning a small data centre design around the standard access, distribution and core model.Servers will be racked in standard rack ranges accompanied with a layer 2 switch per rack row. These will connect to a redundant pa...