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Cross-over cable

Hi,I looking for a cross over cable , one of my customer has purchased 03nos. 2811 routers, customer is using to run a networking academy, now customer wants to connect all 03 routers back to back thru a cable for which he has suggested cable descrip...

Need 3750 Model Help

Hi:Im looking for the Cisco webpage that lists all the 3750 models. I remember seeing it once, but now I cant find it. I have been searching for a long time and I've about had it.I need to know a few things...Someone has told me that the 3750G and 37...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Data Center Virtualization

When you have a clien thats running VMWare in their server farm, what considerations need to be made with regard to the access layer?Would having a routed access layer cause complications with certain VMWare features, like VMotion? Where does VMWare ...

lamav by Collaborator
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LACP Etherchannel with HP Blade center Flex10 switch

Hi all,I've got an HP blade center with Flex10 switch connecting to a 6509 running CAT OS via two separate LACP etherchannel groups, and each group has two 1GB links to the 6509. I am having some strange layer 2 connectivity issues with the blade ser...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Standard ACL question

Please forgive the diagram i am about to draw:[ network 1 /24 ] --------------- serial 1/0 [ router 1 ] serial 0/1 --------------- [ internet ]In the very crude diagram above, I was given the following access list to apply:access-list 75 ...

jiyamoo22 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Switch Local Proxy Arp

Hi,We were deploying a ftth solution with cisco equipment (switch 2960 and router 2821). With the Internet providing test, the topology worked great. But when we tried communicating between two hosts, we had to enable local proxy arp in the subinterf...

drojasug33 by Beginner
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how to upgrade IOS

Hello,1. I have cisco 4503 sup II+TS and there is no external flash in this switch. when I enter show bootflash: and enter it shows the image which is installed. Now it is having 32 Mb of Memory.I have upgraded the IOS of routers and switch which are...