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Hello all, I have been fighting some resolution issues on the MX300G2 and I was hoping someone else had seen this and knew the fix.  Right now I have two different issues: 1. The PC resolution to the MX300G2 shows as "resolution unknown" every mornin...

we have both licenced dual screen, and we can see our video without problem.When I shared my presentation the remote party can't see my presentation but his second screen become black. but if he shared his presentation I can shared mine and he can se...

MA_Joulak by Beginner
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I've deployed CUCM with Conductor version XC3.0.3 and vTPS (virtual Telepresence server) version 4.1(2.29).I've made a conference template on the Conductor to use HD 720P30 and content sharing of 720P5.When I initiate a conference call with 2 VC endp...

gfolens by Enthusiast
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TelePresence Conference displaying “conference number” instead of H.323 name/alias as the “Display Name”. A SIP registered system displays its SIP URI which is fine. Currently none of the 100+ systems are set up as SIP and I don’t want to force every...

I have a SpeakerTrack connected to an SX80 running TC7.3.3.  This is very similar to the "briefing room" setup covered in the documentation: SpeakerTrack is on camera inputs 1 & 2, a front facing camera is on camera input 3, and a presentation PC is ...

Hello Experts ;                 i am working on design of cisco video network  for centralized call manager and expresway C& E with remotes site , Howmuch put bandwidth for remote site as they will use expressway for B2Bcall from  main site .Any help...

kingvoice by Beginner
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