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I'm following the process for converting a 8510 MCU into a 8710 TS server.I've ordered and obtained the 0-dollar migration SKU and have the PAK codeTop level part numberL-8000-CHLIC-PAK    MSE 8000 Chassis Licenses PAK PIDsOption part numberL-8000-TS...

Dear all,  I have a TCS 6.0.1 and VCS X8.1.1,I cannot register TCS to VCS via Gatekeeper using Gateway mode. I want to enable Playback via end point. The TCS have a Premium Resolution installed key. When using terminal mode registration to VCS was su...

archie0109 by Level 1
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I had try to get video output in both HDMI out port in SX20 codec , but when i get on one device the other display is off  , so my question is that , can i get output on both monitors at same time ? if yes , than how ?

In the setup, CUCM is the centralized call controller and expressways are used for firewall traversal.  CUCM & expressways are correctly as per the Cisco document.  A SIP call from a public internet endpoint to CUCM registered MX300 G2 is successfull...

majeed002 by Level 1
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Hi Community, Please excuse my lack of knowledge on Cisco Webex, i am just a budding engineer in this respect. I am looking at the possibility that the silhouette could be disabled for active speaker for voice only participants. It looks from the adm...

when i am trying to purge endpoints unable to remove from  database  its take long time "purging System ....." after that nothing will happen again its show on purge system list. but it's removed from system category. when i am trying to register the...

firozsm04 by Level 1
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