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CER - Location Identified By?

I have a unique integration I am working on which involves Cisco IP phones connected to the CUCM cluster that from a call signaling perspective route over a SIP trunk to a 3rd party IP PBX and back before going to the 911 CTI route point.  This is done so that the 3rd party IP PBX can montor calls in progress and record them if required.

The problem I have with CER is this:

The call hits the CER route point and is processed.  The call history shows the caller's extension correctly however the ERL chosen is the Default one and not the one that the extension is actually mapped to.  When I check the ERL membership under switch ports I can clearly see that extension is mapped to a switch port that is assigned to an ERL.

I orignally thought that CER was taking the callers number and matching to a MAC address based on information it downloaded from CUCM.  It appears however that CER might be using the information it receives via JTAPI and knows the callingPartyDeviceName which is used to look up the switch port and corresponding ERL.  This makes sense as it could deal with shared DN's and still pick the correct originating device.

In my case the callingPartyDeviceName is the SIP trunk and not the SEP mac address.

Is there a way to have CER just look it up by the calling party number?

I see there is a way to manual configure a phone in CER but I don't know that this will help either as the callingPartyDeviceName will always be the SIP trunk for all the phones behind that SIP trunk.

My only option might be to bypass the SIP trunk for CER calls.  This will require some reconfiguration of the CUCM based on integration requirements.

Anyone have any other suggestions?