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Hi,I purchased a couple of SPA122 units yesterday, both with firmware version 1.0.2.I used the xml provisioning template that worked so well for SPA2102 (after changing the line indices to 0 and 1 from 1 and 2) and all seemed OK, except for the SIP p...

       Hi.I've enabled auto attendant on a uc540w and the 1 key allows dial by extension.The problem Is only one of around 8 extensions works when I dial It.All the extensions are valid and work correctly.The only thing I can think of Is that the ext...

Reprovoid by Beginner
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Hello People,I decided to change the topology to let a 3rd party DHCP server (SBS 2011) handle DHCP. After applying the changes, I plug the network cable between the UC320W and the Linksys/Cisco SRW2016 Gigabit switch. Soon after the whole network st...

lap by Beginner
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Wanted to let everbody know that the new 8.6.0 software packs for the UC520/540/560 are all under the UC520 software packs download section of Cisco's website.  The only 8.6.0 downloads under the 540 and 560 are the locale packs.  So, if you are want...