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Hello, We just installed a new 9800-CL controller and updated to prime 3.9 for support of it.  Pime says AP Discovery is complete and Telemetry Status is a success but it has not found any of our AP's yet.  We have 2702's and we have C9115AXI access ...

meditinst by Beginner
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Hi,We are running WLC in AWS which is deployed via Terraform. The marketplace WLC has initial stuff configured and saved in basic AMI which then gets "user data" script at boot. That way we just update the script and can rebuild the instance as much ...

sroic by Beginner
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Hi everyone!I have an IR829 that has two VLANs setup for wireless and wired clients. I can't access any wired vlans devices from the wireless vlan. Please help me diagnose the problem Thank you!TestsFrom the router I can ping all the devices from the...

Screenshot 2022-07-19 181340.png Screenshot 2022-07-19 180913.png

Hello everyone,Title lays my situation. I'm not sure about what I must do as this is my first migration. This post is a summary of what I think I know and plan to do, I'd like for users with more experience to just nudge me as to whether this is a ga...

Hi,   I have 23 nos of CAP1852E, i want to convert the ap to mobility express through tftp.  I have execute the command - #ap-type mobility-express tftp://x.x.x.x/AIR-AP1850-K9-   it will showing the error " curl: (68) getpeername() fail...

Debudas123 by Beginner
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Hello im have this issue where it completely boot looping every time. I've boot into part2 and boot fine connects to my other 2802I which is setup up as WLC. Then begins to download the image from my tftp after this is done reboots and get stuck in t...

Patrick716 by Beginner
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Hello everyone,I had a warn about our Cisco Wireless is not performing adequately against its load profile test. Can you help us to learn more about this issu and by the way had to resolve ?Thank you all !

We have had some reports of pool performance within certain areas of our campus.  I have noticed some areas have AP's simply setting on a desk and not mounted in the ceiling.  The model of the APs are 3802's and 9120's.  Would mounting them to the ce...

joeharb by Contributor
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Just curious if anyone has tested this yet on Cisco WLC - If your DHCP leases are set to 4 hours on your DHCP server, and your reauthentication is set to 24 hours on your WLC, what happens if the client is authenticated but goes dark for say 6 hours?...

Steve_81 by Beginner
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