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Good evening, we use terminals Cicso WAP551 and we have big problem of performance! Indeed, a user connect it works but the terminal is saturated to the second user !!! down flow, connection loss ....PID VID: WAP551-E-K9 V01Active Firmware Version: 1...

i have wireless client sometimes join and sometime noti have wlc 4404 OS 6I don't use any AAA server just local authentication i enabled debug on the client and i have those out put but cant tell what is the problemclient MAC B8:5A:73:5E:F1:88 I have...

Dear Team,I need to know the validity of Cisco Mobility Express Bundle.http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/aironet-2700-series-access-point/brochure-c02-733838.htmlI have a scenario where the client needs 10-12 Access Points (Th...

Hello All,I was reading the Cisco documentation regarding the "passive client" wlc feature and the following limitation is listed: "The passive client feature is not supported with the AP groups and FlexConnect centrally switched WLANs."Do both of th...

I guys,   Yesterday there was  an electrical storm near from my warehouse in this moment some AP 2702e was reboot automatically but two APs never started.   After check my Switch PoE, I found that some ports had an problems with the PoE. I replace th...

JRGC by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I have two WLCs, one a 5508 and an 8510.I'm trying to set the 5508 up as a Guest Anchor controller, which I have been able to do successfully. I have the 8510 as the foreign controller, and the 5508 as the anchor. Clients can connect to my gu...

I have a ATT micro cell that does not want to connect with my modem/router. The router is a technicolor ,added the ports,but the wifi lite just flashes green.  I can't believe I cannot connect it.  Does anyone know any information?

We have a WLAN setup as a provisioning SSID for ISE.  It is configured for mac-filtering, radius NAC, and AAA override.  We have no issues with Apple or Android devices connecting and getting redirected to ISE web portal page.  Chromebooks are having...

awatson20 by Enthusiast
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All,I'm using 3850 as WLC and need your help in finding a way to encrypt the psk SSID password as its in plain-text now. Seems like its a IOS bug since none of the options are working. The hardware is running on 03.07.01E.I had read somewhere in  Cis...

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