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Resolved! WISM2 states

If it is possible to use two wism2 in two 6513 module in active and active state ? if there any license or something. or we can use it only in standby and active (i mean HA SSO), i think it could be better in load balancing, cause we can use on wism2...

Adding APs to Map

Hi,I'm adding new 2606 APs to the Map in WCS, and the Antenna keeps coming up as "Other", saying it's not supported.But the installed antennas are Cisco AIR-ANT2524DW-R and should appear in the drop down box, but there are no choices in the drop down...

Problemas con WLC 5508 y windoes

Hello,I'm using a Cisco 5500 Series Wireless LAN Controller AIR-CT5508-K9 software version and AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9 as access-point. The problem is that I can not see Windows network environment. I do not see the wireless network equipment or ...

Resolved! What model is this Cisco Antenna?

Hi, I found these Cisco Antennas in our store room and interested to know their model/specs? I think they may have been used with 1300 Cisco Bridges.The closest Antenna I can find is the "Cisco Aironet AIR ANT3338 Solid Dish Antenna 21 dBi" however i...

WLC5508 & OEAP & Flexconnect

Hello,Follownig question:We installed a Cisco WLC 5508 with AIR OS into our DMZ  as termination point for our OEAP 600 series andalso for our Flexconnect APs. After we implemented this solution then from time to time some HREAP/Flex APs los...

alex.roth by Beginner
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Resolved! Problems with 2602i AP not joining WLC

Hi!I am having a problem where my AP wont join the WLC. I have solved this problem before by telling the access point where the AP is located. But i cannot remember how the command was.. Anyone have any idea? /Lajja

Lajja1234 by Beginner
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1140 firmware update issues

After updating the firmware on our 1140s I have two interface issues.  1) I can't see/configure the SSIDs in the web gui.  If I go to security->SSID Manager, none of my SSIDs are list.  2) when trying a different browser, I find that I can't eve logi...

Certificates for Prime

I know this has probably been answered more than a couple times, but I am not to sure what to search for.  We currently have prime infrastructure ver 1.3 and three wism 2 controllers.  When someone try's to connect with a windows 7 machine we have to...

Problem aironet 521g read-only

I'm in need of some help, when accessing the device (Web GUI Interface) with username/password "Cisco", I can not apply changes, always returns to the default values​​.In SECURITY section, the "Cisco" user privileges are read-only, no write ........H...

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