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Resolved! Wireless upgrade

We have new 5508 Controllers, ISE Server, Mobility Services Server new 3600 Access Points that will replace current 4400 Controllers, NAC, Location Server and all access points.Is it possible to build new Controllers with the same SSID as current Con...

HiI have a wireless controller 5508 and all my interfaces can be accessed via https or ssh from a wireless client.Management access from a wireless client is disabled so I don't understand why this is happening.Does anyone know how to fix this?Thanks...

london.ism by Level 1
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Hello all,Looking for some clarification, I am somewhat confused by the Cisco WLC 2504 device. this device appears to function confusingly different from other cisco WLC.The 2504 does not support LAG?A dynamic AP-Manager interface is required for ass...

lukedp by Level 1
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Hi All,Does the Cisco 5508 have the ability to cap data usage up or downstream after said GBytes are transferred the user is throttled back to a lower speed?Thanks in advance for your reply ! Jason

Jay233 by Level 1
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I am working on a migration from Windows based WCS to NCS appliance (1.2.1-once it is available).  After stopping WCS, I issued the export userdata C:\WCS07Migrate.  The process completed, but did not create a single zip file. I found 2 fil...

                   Hi there, I have a quick question about Cisco Power Injector.                     we bought a number of Air-PWRINJ4 year ago,  mainly for extending the power via Cat5 ethernet cable to AP 1225 in warehouse. the output is 56V 0.55A....

Currently we are using WISMs to support 1220 series APs firmware version 7.022 upgradeable only to version 7.023. We have purchased 5508's and want to install 3600s hanging them off the new 5508s. We are replacing the core and the 6500 that houses th...

HelloTrying to configure Flexconnect configuration via script but it is not working, anyone got the same problem?(Cisco Controller) >config ap mode flexconnect AP1Changing the AP's mode will cause the AP to reboot.Are you sure you want to continue? (...