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Hi, looking for advice on which code to upgrade to. We have a wlc 4404 using mostly AIR-AP1231G-A-K9 access points. The current code is We would like to use some of the 1141 APs and I understand they need at least 5.2. My plan would be to ...

dporod by Beginner
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Did anyone else learn this the hard way?  I upgraded a bunch of 1252's using my WLSE to 12.4(21a)JA1 and the radio's crapped out after the upgrade.  I've found references to having to have to shutdown the radios before the IOS upgrade.  What's up wit...

bertel by Beginner
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Hello,For wireless ip phone roaming i need a wireless controller and of course the AP's.Do i need other hardware?For example: I have a  WLC2112 and 10 AP's. I want to buy a CCME with 15 wireless phones.Will the phones roame between AP's?Do i need oth...

Hi,I am having problem configuring (managing) two devices with Cisco WLSE, after importing the file with AP IP address I get CDP Discovery completed, but I also get Number of devices (re)discovered 0.For all AP that I am able to configure(manage) I g...

We have 2 controlers wireless 4402 and we have 1 ssid on it with security WPa-tkip , The ssid is CXXXNow, I want to add another SSID , like CYYY,  I did it and it seems to work okBut now, The IT told me that since I add that second SSID on the contro...

sleboeuf1 by Beginner
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HiLooking for input on Guest Vlan subject.How can I avoid routing of Guess VLAN traffic to DATA VLAN, any traffic from Guest VLAN should be routed to Internet directly.Looking for similar setup as in Hotels, Guest are provided with username/password ...

Hi,we use several wlc440x which connect each with two links to two different core switches which are interconnected to each other; one of the core switches is stp root for all vlans.Is there any need for the wlcs to have stp activated on their ports?...

Hii have cisco wireless controller 4402 series, i wanted to upgrade it to higher versions, current version is, i wanted to go to version 6.x, i should go to mid version in between, but its refuse all the time the new image for some reasons...

Hi All,which Configurations regarding QOS do i have to do on a Wireless Bridge Connection with LRF and multiple VLANs, especially if the NonRootBridge is configured for Voice Client Access? Any Help Welcome.Bright Regards, Michael

My boss wants me to create a WLAN for guests, so I created and VLAN and SSID for them and used a webauth bundle with an accept button.  Next I was told the WLAN needs to be limited to DHCP, DNS, HTTP and HTTPS.  I created an ACL on the controller and...

tdennehy by Beginner
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Hello all,I setup a Aironet 1250 for testing many months ago.  While I remember the IP address and the Logon details, I don't have the Management URL.When browsing to the IP address, I only receive the following;The server XX.XX.XX.XX at level_1 or v...

Is there a way to prevent NAC from offering the client download to web users? We wish to force guest users to use the web client to log in and we don't want them to be able to download the full agent.

bclough by Beginner
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Hi,I have a WLC 4402 configured with two VLANs (Company and GuestNet).Now I need to block a client on the GuestNet VLAN only using its MAC address.The access to the company WLAN should still be permitted.What is the easiest way to configure this?Than...

YesterdayWe have two WiSM modules on our 6513 and we made the upgrade from Cisco IOS Version 122-18.SXF10a to new code version 122.33.SXI3 but after that upgrade we could see that WiSM configuration was modified.From SXF10awism module 12 controller 1...

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