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I have a 1240AP in my companie's office.   We want to have two SSIDs setup on it, one for internal use (connected to the corporate VLAN) and one setup as a guest network for company visitors.  We can connect to either SSID and they both seem to be wo...

rbridgham by Beginner
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I'm upgrading the radio unit in a 1100 series access point using part number AIR-MP21G-J-K9-AWhen turing the unit on the radio module is failing because it can not find the firmware 5501.img. When looking in the .tar file of all the 123-8 IOS's avail...

I know this will sound rather simple to most, but I can not tell if these are going to be compatible with my 2125 controllers. I believe they are light weight access points but do not see that mentioned in the docs I can find.are they compatible with...

chipscapt by Beginner
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Hi,I have upgraded the WLC - 4402 from to after the upgrade all the AP's associated with the WLC has been disassociated and it never associate again with the WLC.  I have revert back the change to older version but no ch...

Hello *,i have two questions regarding GGSN Release 10:1- Regarding eG-CDRs, from the documentation i undestand that for release 9.2 and later, Charging Release 7 MUST be configured, otherwise no Service information will be included on the CDRs (that...

f-cagica by Beginner
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Hi,I am trying to deploy a NAC appliance incorporating dot1x. It works a dream on a Cisco AP1232G when it only has one SSID configured, however, we need to include another two SSID's which are WPA.The command mbssid on dot11Radio0 interface is what i...

Hi, I’m planning a wireless installation with WCS, 5508 Controller and 1140 AP’s and 1230 AP’s. Now I have autonomous AP’s 1230 and I want to migrate them to LWAPP. But, I’ve read that 5508 only supports CAPWAP (so not LWAPP?), so my question is can ...

jmprats by Enthusiast
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Hi Experts!I have two AIR-LAP1510AG-N-K9 units that I want to convert to Autonomous Access Points..actually I want to run them as a Wireless Bridge truth be known. I have done some backround reading on Cisco.Com and around the WWW. I am confused as t...

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