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To all i need wireless bridge or AP which fullfill following requirementwireless N supportedgigbit ethernet supportedPOE supported WDS supported (Operatable as wireless repeater/bridge)Dual Band optionalThanks in advanceWaiting for prompt response

I'm wondering if anyone is using Vocera with H-Reap APs on a remote site?  We are trying to not have to purchase a controller to leave on site and wanted to know if anyone has done this and if there were any problems.  We currently have about 50 1140...

ewood2624 by Contributor
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Resolved! WPA Migration Mode

We have Cisco Aironet 1130AGs. We are going to transition our network to WPA, but now it's all WEP. I'd like to set up WPA Migration mode on all of our access points so WEP and WPA clients can access it, but I'm having problems setting it up. Does an...

I have 2 1310's I want to use as indoor AP's for a handful of laptops and other nodes.  Do I need external antennas?  I have one of the configured to what I think is correct, but my laptop right beside the radio shows a very weak signal.  I have chan...

Hi,I have a 7925g that does not  recgonize a fully charged battery.  I plug the phone in, after a minute  or so it states that the charge is complete.  When I unplug the phone  the battery level drops to one red bar and soon it shuts itself off.  I  ...

I read somewhere when researching this router that the built in AP could be converted to a lightweight device and controlled via a centralized controller. I am trying to figure out how to do this however I can't find any documentation stating that is...

adrianoden by Beginner
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Hi ,My cleint has purchased a 1861 ISR router. Now he wants to activate wireless features in that. Please share document where i can find how to configure 1861 router as radio. also My interface dot11radio is reset and and down , How is hould make it...

Hi,I have an issue using ACS 5.0 on compatibilty with Aruba controller, on the net it says Aruba is compatible on ACS version 4 so I plan to downgrade the ACS. Can I use the ACS 4.2 Recovery DVD to downgrade? If so, what are the steps? Do I need to b...

Scenario is, I have a huge warehouse. I want to use 1260 Access Points on walls and ceilings. ceiling is 15m high and racks are 3m high.What 5 GHz directional patch can I use? Is there a better option? So far with some planning, I want to have direct...

Gary Smith by Beginner
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I'm using wcs and I'm trying to create an account to allow my collegues to monitor the wcs, disable clients (able to do this part without a problem) but also to enable manually disabled clients. I can do this by allowing the group to have a...

sgilfrin1 by Beginner
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