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Hello,I found out that our WLC 5508 rebooted and/or crashed several days ago and the reason was due to Reaper Reset: Task "wipsTask" taking too much cpu: 99%. Attached is the complete crash log of our WLC. I bumped into this thread saying this issue ...

Almarez by Level 1
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Hello, I am running a Cisco 3702i AP at home with an up to date firmware.  It was using PoE into a Ubiquiti switch, but complained it wasn't getting enough power, but connectivity seemed ok, although upstairs it wasn't as powerful.  I've added a powe...

Hi currently we have a cisco 2504 WLC that supports about 10 1600 APs. The WLC is on version 7.0 and we don’t have access to software downloads for the device to bring it to 8.x code. I was looking at options and came across the 3504 WLC, however thi...

hi All,I am unable to change hostname on WLC 5508 with 7.4.110 code(Cisco Controller) >config sysname WLCWarning! System name change disrupts the existing RF Grouping.           Why am i getting the above warning, i want the hostname changed to WLC i...

Hi guys,I have a problem here with many laptops unable to join my guest Wifi network.Strangely mobile phones all work ok.Unable to pinpoint which model of laptops as they are random. I tried with Thinkpad and it works but not on Surface Pro.How do I ...

Jagan1976 by Level 1
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I'm hoping someone can help me here, as I've been banging my head against a brick wall for well over a week on this now! A bit of background... We have an old vWLC in VMware and are moving across to a new vWLC in Hyper-VOld deployment: d...

Hi all, I was going through the Cisco access point portfolio looking for the most suitable access point in a cold (-26C) environment. The building is a warehouse with frozen stuff, about 15m high (45') There a are a few options:1. Indoor AP in a spec...

I have several cisco AP1562i AP's one of them is also acting as a AP and as the WLC for al the AP's.  They are all running and I wanted to know how would I go about trying to upgrade them all. I read that I would need to upgrade the WLC, th...

Hi All, I am currently running Cisco 2800 ME version and have 4 AIR-AP2802I-E-K9 in the environment. Since the setup has been installed we have regular reports of clients disconnecting and when they reconnect everything is fine.  The AP's a...

Robbie2 by Level 1
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