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Hi, I have a 7510 wlc that produces the following output after entering the "show boot" command:   (Cisco Controller) >show bootPrimary Boot Image............................... (default) (active)Backup Boot Image............................ is now a legal address.Should we still be using as the Virtual Interface on the controllers?Does this mean we need to go back and change the Virtual Interface on the controllers?http://www.packetlife.net/blog/2010/feb/5/ripe-plays-wi...

j.metzger by Beginner
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Hello I am Tadele  I need help soon possible, i am now try to configure  the WLC 2504 so in my management plan IP address didn't work so i want to try to reset but its not work the default address its not communicate with my laptop where as the conso...

Hello!   Can't find information, how work AIR-AP1815 as mobility express. Here they epson: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/release/notes/crn81mr2.html#pgfId-1334201   Another link tell me, that APs with integrated controller...

mike76 by Beginner
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Can an AP join a WLC in a different mobility group if this WLC IP is configured in the HA tab on the AP?   I have a 2x controllers at one site which has used a a primary and secondary but i have a 3rd controller at another site in a different mobilit...

Mitch1973 by Beginner
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Hi Guys,   I have a question that hopefully you guys can answer.   Is there any feature in Cisco where you can see MCS rate being used by the clients? I've seen one in HP MSM, but so far I don't know where to find this in Cisco WLC. Any of you guys e...

fdharmawan by Enthusiast
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Hello,   Our wireless IP Phones are keep re-registering when ever we are moving from one AP coverage to other. There is no call drop/call quality issue while we are on active call and walk across the building moving from one ap to other, but ip phone...

saleem pc by Beginner
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Is there a way to configure an SNMP string on a lightweight access point (LWAPP)?  WCS is running version                       The 4402 controller is running version  The LWAPP is using image version  I can ac...

tim_roper by Beginner
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Hi everyone,   I am working on 5508 cisco WLC, and I can not access WLC with SSH or GUI when I enable LAG, when LAG is disabled, the GUI and SSH access works fine.   I am running the software version :   thanks in advance

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