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UCCX 5.02 Copy/Move Agent RecordingsWe are running UCCX 5.02 and have a workflow setup to automatically record all agent calls without Supervisor intervention. We are not using QM. Is there a UCCX tool, other than writing a .bat file and scheduling...

mwadam by Beginner
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Hi all,I had placed the user required prompt in unsuccessfull level of "Extended Get Digit String Step", however the prompt is playing successfully for # and * key in main flow but is not playing for * key in any of the subflow.Is there any thing tha...

Resolved! Script advice

Hello,     I'm putting together an extremely basic script that acts as a call handler (not doing it in Unity, long story).  It's a single greeting that gives people 8 options.  Only thing is, I need to be able to give me the option of dialing an exte...

Hi There,  Has any one got a sample script to recor all the incoming calls in UCCX 7 ?Basically I wante to recor all the agent calls. UCCX 7.x is integrate with CUCM 7.xRegardsSiva

stharmal by Beginner
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I have my reservation script  normally, and my abandon script, where can refer the personalscript invoke?,he preferel agent id step is configured on same reservation script?, or is another script?. someone have a example script and how can invoked?an...

sdeltoro1 by Beginner
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Hello,I am installing CIM ( Collocated ) in lab environment. I am following "cisco_im431_cce_deploymentguide".For CCE intergration,I had been configuring ICM ( version 7.5).I have configured an MR PGI have a concern in this section, where should I in...

Hello,   I am trying to disable a ring tone to the caller when the caller dials a CTI route point and is transferred to the IP IVR.  Basically I dont want the caller to hear any ringing and just hear the accept prompt of the IP IVR.  I have searched ...

Our UCCE environment currently utilizes Cisco Agent Desktop. We have a request from a third party application to have CTI OS Desktop for integration with their product (AmCom). Can we have both CTI OS desktop and CAD running? If so, can I assume that...