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We found that the side A and side B databases are not in sync. t_call_type_half_hour table in Side B's HDS & logger databases is having 7 calls less than in side B. Can I bring them using ICMDBA or do I need to manually update this table on side A by...

K_require by Level 1
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Hi Guys,We are trying to connect to a mySQL database from our UCCX server. The connection stays up for a few hours and then drops overnight. Has anyone come across this issue before? Initially we thought it was the firewall but now the DB and UCCX ar...

All,We are using a NAM to pre-route calls to an Aspect ACD using Translation Routes. The calls are delivered to agent desktops and we are testing with CTIOS Agent Desktop. Unfortunately the Call Variables are being corrupted by the ACD. We use commas...

boyd.lynn by Level 1
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Customer wants users to be able to login different workstations each day. I have set them up with user id's and exit's in CM5. The agent desktops are locked down from admin rights so they can't change MAC address to change ext. to log in. Is there...

Hi! When performing first node setup procedure, after filling in the Unified Configuration Page, the Systems Parameters Configuration page does not open (it appears done at the bottom but it's all white). What could be the problem? Best Regards, Ana

We are currently moving to citrix agent desktops, which will be on a different vlan from the phones. If we do this will i need to add SPAN to the switching network, and enable the second NIC in the IPCC server to continue doing callrecording. Will I ...