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does anyone know how to create Java steps to take 366 seconds and convert that to lets say 6 minutes and 6 seconds. So lets say Im doing the get reporting stat for expected wait time it returns the value in seconds I want to then convert that to minu...

belz-e by Beginner
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We will be building an IVR script for two remote offices. We have experience doing the programming of scripts and have some understanding of best practices. However, the offices want to make sure we adhere to industry best practices. Are there any...

thomas1 by Explorer
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Hi There,Taos is one of the leading consulting companies in the Bay area with clients like Google, Yahoo, Webex, Hitachi and several other leading technology companies. Please feel free to visit our website at One of our strategi...

I'm trying to use an existing IE window and pass a URL. I've collected the URL via the script and passed it on to the agent as an ECC variable. I've got it to work several ways, but my best approach is if I could open up Start-->Run and pass the UR...

jmbrady by Beginner
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I am told by the ICM guys that I need to create a CTI Route Point for each IVR CTI Port to enable translation routing.Thats a lot of route points. Anybody know of a short cut, or a way to bulk import the route points. BAT 5.1(4a) doesnt support Rou...

Neither of the auto answer options available to me are idea for my customer. (ICM with a Chirp on the handset or CCM in ear beep) what I would ideally like to do is provide either a zip tone or whisper to to the agent prior to call delivery and answe...

bullett by Beginner
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Hi all,this is the first time I am implementing IPCC express trial. There is a request to perform a phone agent login and from Cisco website. I can do the phone agent login by subscribing IPphoneinitial.jsp services.The question is the IPphoneinitial...

Hi All,my customer has CCM 4.1(3)SR1 and IPCC Express 3.5(3)SR1.We are doing some tests using the Record feature.The calls are being recorded, but the voice quality is very poor, sometimes the quality is fine, but for 10 calls, 9 are poor.The switch ...

jefforsi by Beginner
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