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I am trying to build a gadget or create a workflow on UCCX that once a call is terminated by the agent, the workflow/gadget will trigger a transfer to a supervisor based on a variable that comes into the call. I was wondering if anyone has been able ...

Hello, I trying to get an application to update one script parameter of another application on the same UCCX.But modifing that one parameter puts all other parameters of that script back to their default value.So I've got a Boolean set to "true" via ...

Mouse by Level 1
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Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!!!  I am wondering if anyone has any feedback.  I have created a Finesse WFlow and Action using Browser Pop method and works great.  However, wondering if it is possible to have it use other than the browser pop?  I basica...

RichieP by Level 1
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I have UCCX 11.6 and Finesse 11.5. I want to have Callers name displayed on finesse along with the caller id( Caller id is already enabled and displayed). Just to mention that I only need to have calling names from my CUCM Directory(internal only). A...

UCCX 11.6. I am trying to build a logic where instead of an agent hanging up using Finesse, they push a transfer button and the call automatically gets routed to another extension to a specific supervisor. Essentially, i want to create a blind transf...

Hi  UCCE 11.5 to the CVP  I get  30,000 per day , number off call like 100 per day that fail .in the CVP  log I see calls that fail I see this error.[INBOUND]: Refer failed with 404 - Not Found. May be a problem with Routing Configuration or Gateway ...

yossid001 by Level 1
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Hi,I implemented client that connects to UCCX server and listens to AGENT_STATE_CHANGE events. Now I want to try to use the same client for communication with UCCE. When I'm sending OPEN_REQ message, the server respond with FAILURE_CONF (status = 23)...

michaelk1 by Level 1
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