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I get an error in the REST API in Finesse 12.0.I want to see if it's a bug or my problem.       #good casehttp://FQDN/finesse/api/User/5001/Dialogs HTTP Method : Get Content-type : application/xml Authorization : Basic Auth - Supervisor #error case h...

yjyu by Level 1
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Guys,I have a VXML application that i am using as Queuing application, so while the call is Queued the caller hears the prompts.In that Queuing application, we have placed a custom handler for real-time communication and events,  we are using fetch a...

Hello,   I am creating a custom element in CVP studio. It is working fine. I have created several exit states, but I wonder how to set one of this exit. It is by default going to "done" exit, what method can I use to set a specific one.   //My exit s...

In Finesse JavaScript API, dialog.makeConsultCall does not allow you to assign call variables (user.makeCall does not let you do that either, but at least the web service API counterpart lets you do that if it is a UCCE setup). The only way to set ca...

Hi everyone,I am writing dynamic form elements and am having an issue in my DTMF application in CVP 10.5.1.The issue is that the optional return value isn't returning. If I sent an option to "1 [cars]" or "1[cars]" the form is returning just 1 as the...

I'd like to create a server-side app that will monitor all agents and log them out after 4 hours in a single state.   Is there sufficient Finesse API for this?  Based on docs I've seen, I'd have to either create a supervisor for each team or shadow l...

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