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Hello, I'm getting ready to ugrade from 4.0(4)SV1(3) to 4.2(1)SV1(4a).I read that first we have to upgrade VEMs and afterword VSMs.Let say that I'm upgrade only the first VEM module for some days to see if everythings is working fine. What can be the...

helenio by Level 1
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hi guysi have a nexus 1000v where i have two nics on a vm. i can ping hosts on same portgroup and same host no probs so its not esx issue.when i disable nic 0 and ping GW using nic 1 then its ok, when i enable nic0 / disable nic 1 and ping GW then it...

I have been trying to install nexus 1000v on my vcenter but since I was facing issues I removed it from the vcenter, unregistered the extension and want to try again. But it wont remove my DVS and all its port groups etc from the vcenter. I have even...

We currnetly use 4 physical NICs in our ESX/ESXi hosts as follows:vmnic0 and vmnic1 are teamed and used as follows:vmnic0 = Service Console Port and NFS access port (and standby for vMotion)vmnic1 = vMotion (and standby for SC Port and NFS)vmnic2 and...

We have a small DR site that comprises an ESX host on the internal LAN hosting a number of guests and another ESX host hosting several DMZ hosts on the far side of a firewall.We want to deploy a Nexus 1000v on the DMZ ESX host in order to gain the se...

Smith1 by Level 1
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Reading thru the Nexus 1000V deployment guide, the doc recommended to separate vlan for control/packet and management interfaces on VSM. Let's say I chose to use vlan 10 for control and packet interfaces and excuted the following CLI in the N1KV:vlan...

ktwong by Cisco Employee
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I am evaluating nexus 1000v in a virtual enviroment and when I power on the virtual machine it gives the following error.Power On virtual machine:Host CPU is incompatible with the virtual machine's requirements at CPUID level 0x80000001 register 'edx...

If i have my VCenter IP on one subnet say my ESX Hosts on a different subnet say,, etc.....What subnet should i put my Nexus 1000v management IP on?thanks,-Matt