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Hello Anyone, Well I've got our Cisco VOIP System up and running! and now the questions.... 1. I'd like see what my circuits are doing, in real time. 2. I'd like to see the activity of my servers and gateway. What numbers are being used with the loc...

gwarnick by Beginner
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Dears, I have a CUCM cluster which is not in mixed mode, I want to secure my MGCP gateway from PSTN fraud calls and etc etc, How I can secure MGCP gateway here I am not highlighting voice payload encryption, I know payload encrytpion not possible bec...

I have a situation where if I use Jabber search to call someone and click on their phone number only their phone number shows up for caller ID on a physical phone.  On Jabber it comes through as the persons name as well. Same issue if I make a call ...

pemery100 by Beginner
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Hi all,  I have problem to back up the presece features in CUCM  you can see the error in the attached file .  I already tried to restart the DRF local and master of CUCM node and CUP server. CUCM have 2 nodes . CUP 1 node . Any idea? 

iptsupport by Participant
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Hi All, I have question about the audio conference. When A call B, the A call C to make an conference. When B want to call D, the call can make. on this moment, B is hold the conference and talk with D. My question is how to join D in the conferenc...

osw200051 by Beginner
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i currently have 1 E1 cable connected to my voice gateway configured with 30 channels for voice as following controller E1 0/0/0 pri-group timeslots 1-31 and i have two PVDM cards installed with the following channels PVDM Slot 0: 32-channel (G.711) ...

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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