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Hello,I'm using CUCM/CUC 11.5.  I am trying to use time of day routing  to route inbound calls  based on time of day from call manger to unity.  For example, I want ext. 4444 to route to a receptionist during business hours. After hours, it will rout...

royhog by Beginner
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CUCM release is Load on phone is sip88xx.14-0-1-0001-135I uploaded sip88xx.14-1-1-0001-125 and restarted the TFTP service. sip88xx.14-1-1-0001-125 is now the Default Load and  sip88xx.14-0-1-0001-135 is the Inactive load.Restart...

We were using h323 3945's with vwic-t1's setup for fxs-loop-start trunks and when a caller pressed zero it would do a hookflash, the router would recognize it using the app-h450-transfer- script, give it dialtone and it would auto dial to ...

Hello,quick question for you guys regarding 8821 phones---We are currently using 7925s and 8821s in our environment. I understand Cisco recommends moving to 5Ghz for 8821s to work better, but for now, we are unable to do so!!!! (darn money again)  88...

G3261 by Enthusiast
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Hellowe have sip trunk E1 between CUMC 7.x and ALCATEL PBX, calls from cisco to PBX work fine, but from alcatel to cucm not work (before worked fine).What i should do to fix this problem, no change is made in cucm.thanks

kingstdz by Beginner
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Hi,we are using QMS suite for call recording. The call recording is setup using CUCM recording module and it works perfectly fine INTERNALLY both for Jabber and desk phones.However, when someone is using Jabber while connected to home network the cal...

msmalik by Beginner
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