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Hi all, I want to create 6 vlan voice in CME, so i should create 6 dhcp pool my archetecture is like that: so i will create 6 dhcp pool like that:  ip dhcp pool vlan1network ip i...

We have two forms of ghost calls coming in in our phone systems, one of which is new to a recent-ish update, one has been recurring since before it. The older version involves the phone system ringing an incoming call for one or two beats with caller...

Jary T by Level 1
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Hello,We are working with a new call recording product and we want to confirm it's capabilities under load. The recorder is using built in bridge recording.I guess we would need to simulate phone registrations as well as some method to make a spoof c...

mmoulson2 by Level 1
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Team, I am looking for a configuration to play a .wav file on Cisco SIP VG, when an IP phone in CUCM dialing a particular number. Currently this is working via CUC but unfortunately CUC getting discontinued in our infra. Thanks,