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Hi,Is there configuration  difference between the 2801 and 2901 routers? Same configuration does not work on the 2901 routers. We can not send outgoing calls from the fxo lines but we can send from the voip dial-peers. Any idea?Thanks

Dear Experts..........                                   How can i restrict confrence call between two or more offnet (mobile to mobile ) cofrence call......it means internal DNs and outside pstn calls cant come in conference.............is it possib...

Hi everybody, I have a question about CSS and partition ....Here is the enviornment PSTN ---- VG(H323) ------ CUCM CUCM 9.1.1H.323 gateway 2951 Partition in CUCM- PartitionA - PartitionB CSS in CUCM- CSS_weak contains (PartitionA)- CSS_strong contain...

So an odd issue. From show voice call summary:swt.316407#sho voice call sumPORT           CODEC     VAD VTSP STATE            VPM STATE============== ========= === ==================== ======================0/0/0         -          -  -              ...

Hi.I need set up a requirement in UC560. if the call comes to PA , if she is busy, it should not go to voice mail but to ask the caller to enter the extension number to reach. How to configure ? please help me.RegardsEsa                  

esa786_2 by Beginner
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