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I Have a requirement to setup a CUBE inbetween some 3rd party SIP phones and their registrar server.According to the documentation I need to configure the Cube to support SIP Registration Proxy.The following steps are required for this configurationC...

Hello,We have cucm 8.6 and we are using IPMA service. We have configured 2 services for IPMA. One is Primary and other Secondary. If I press the Service button and then choose Primary server, phone displays all parameters and it works, but if I selec...

Hi,I am having this error on GNS3:CUCME(config-telephony)#ip source-address port 2000%Error deleting flash:SEPDEFAULT.cnf (No such file or directory)%Error deleting flash:XMLDefault.cnf.xml (No such file or directory)CUCME(config-telepho...

Hello,First  off I am new to VOIP...so with that, I just installed CUCM 7 (old I  know, but it's for my home lab).  I was wondering how I intergrate it  into my existing network.  I've been google'ing and searching for weeks  now, and I can't seem to...

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