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Hellow all,First, let preface this by stating that I have a video background and have been tasked with coming up with a solution for a VoIP/Video Interop issue.  We have several VCSs for different geographical regions which have been configured via S...

Resolved! hunt group

Hi AllHow can I configure a peer hunt group so when a incoming call happen the call  go to the main ext then if is busy  or no answer can  ring to the 2nd extension if is no answer  go to the 3rd ext, then voice mail.I am using call manager express.....

I am reading up on the PIMG's for an upcoming installation.  On page 2-4 of the Integration guide it states the following two points which seem to contradict each other.Does it send all calls to the Sub then Pub (As we would normally configure for CU...

m.gravel by Beginner
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Hi, I have a virtual machine of CCX85 installed in a vmware, it has been broken and now it is unable to start.When I click in start it begin to load all services and after few seconds stop and says to "restart to failure"   and i am not able to acces...