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I have a CME(2851+VIC2-4FXO),phone(cp-7906) calling num=7580 call PSTN by 4FXO (voice-port 0/0/3) ,An outgoing call later, prompt busy tone.phone--cme--fxo--pstn7580           0/0/3  config voice translation-rule 3rule 1 /^9/ //rule 2 /^001/ //!!voic...

Hi all,In Cisco document, they say that "Hub_None—The Hub_None location specifies unlimited audio bandwidth and unlimited video bandwidth. A device that associates with the Hub_None location allows an unlimited number of active calls to or from the d...

hoanghiep by Level 1
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Do I have to create a CAD supervisor in Agent Explorer (ICM) in order to create a password for a CUIS user? I have a manager who needs to be able to run CUIS reports, but she doesn't need CAD Supervisor. I don't know how I would go about creating/res...