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Hi,Currently using: CUCM 8.5Phone Default Load: Firmware 9.1.1Phone: 7941, 7942, 7961, 7962, 7970, 7975I've encountered issues ("Auth Failed") on firmware reset.I believed it's because I need to flash 8.5.2 firmware before updating it to 9.1.1.Is the...

tayzhiwei by Beginner
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We are still on CCM 4.3 (soon to upgrade) until then, when dialing a specific number, 916-925-xx4x we get call cannot be completed as dialed.  However, I can dial any other number in that string and any other number in that area code.  That is a good...

Is there any way in the Cisco gateways to have the SIP engine only send INVITEs if it matches an extension exactly (e.g., if I have extension 123 and someone dials extension 1234 which does not exist, I do not want extension 123 to ring).  I am also ...

We have 2 x MCS7825H2-K9-CMA2 running Call Manager 6.1 and are trying to find applicable EOL documentation.This EOL document is for 6.1 but doesnt reference our hardware.http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/voicesw/ps6788/vcallcon/ps556/end_of_life_notice...

                   How do I re-set the time on our CISCO 7960 series IP Phone due to a power outage in building where time is now 14 minutes off?  I've gone into CallManager, and can't seem to locate where to change the minutes.  Any help will be app...