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Hello All,I realize this may be simple, but am not used to CME.  I have 7 phones (7970) in 2 sites connected with a local CME on each site.  The phones are currently running SCCP.  I have 2 buttons used on each phone each with their own unique ephone...

fieryhail by Level 1
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Hello All,I am setting up a new Unity server.  I am trying to get into the remote access port on the IBM server(RSA).  TAC has not been able to help.  Maybe someone here will know.I have tried access the static IP address of and no luc...

jay.colby by Level 1
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I cannot seem to get my new VG-224 to register to CM.  Setting the VG-224 up as SCCP- I built the gateway in CM and configured the VG-224.  I can ping the IP address of the VG-224 but it does not register to CM.  Can post the VG-224 config if needed....

When using CCMUser, the user tries to change their password. When then try to save they get the following error:missing key in referenced table for referential constraint (informix.tk_enduser_tklocale)The kicker is the password is actually updated a...

mtashiro by Level 1
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