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Hello,We upgraded recently from CM 4.1.3 to 6.1(3) As many others, we were dealing with bug id CSCso28287. I've configured PAB as service and this is working fine as long as you use it as your personnel address book BUT we also had a company address ...

Callmanager: 4.1(3)Phones: 7960, 7940I have a group of secretaries who share a call pickup group. Recently they've complained that they can no longer pickup calls. I went onsite and sure enough when a call comes in, they pick up the handset and hit...

Hello Guys, I have configured two unity servers for voice mail. The problem is that the users have almost full the hard disk partition in both servers (they are independet one of echother) I have notice that the hard disks have another partition and ...

Hello Everyone,I'm hoping somebody out there can help shed some light on the different Codecs that are out there and which ones the CallManager supports. Most specifically with G729. In the Regions in CallManager I configure G729 and that's it. I ...

xipccguyx by Beginner
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Is there a way to set a different exit tone when a caller hangs up from a meetme conference than the enter tone when someone connects to a meetme conference.By default it is the same tone when someone connects to the meetme as when they disconnect. ...

budmiller by Beginner
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Resolved! Route Group

Hi There !I have two routers... one is in the main office and has 3 E1 (qsig) and 1 E1 (R2) to PSTN... I created a Route Group (and route list) for those E1(qsig) and another for the non-qsig interface... and it works fine..ROUTE_GROUP_QSIG (PBX)ROUT...