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Extension mobility setup.

I have a user who frequently travels between two offices. When he logs in to any IP phone of site 1 he should be assigned particular DN . When he logs in to any IP phone of site 2 he should be assigned another DN.can this be done without creating ...


We already tried to connect a matra PBX to a 2801 gateway (cm 4.1)with VIC2-2BRI-NT/TEand it's not working probably because PBX is using QSIG and BRI card basic-net3We consider to try with FXO - FXS cardI supposed we need both cards (FXO and FXS) in ...

7970 background

Hi guys!I modified the Background for the 7970 devices and now I want to change it on all IP Phones. Does exist a possibility to change it automatically, via BAT for example without end-user manipulation?Thanks for your feedback.Alberto

need help with callmanager setup

All, I have an existing callmanager 4.X setup that the company is going to be "porting over" some phone numbers to. Im not sure how they are doing this, but I am responsible for making sure the callmanager handles these correctly. Im confused on th...

jjoseph01 by Participant
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IPC MX integrate with CCM

We're using CCM 4.1(3)sr3a which integrate with IPC MX Rel 12.0g using E1 qsig. But, we get the problem that sometimes inbound call is not work for IPC but outbound call is ok. But, it can be fixed when IPC reset the E1 card. Both IPC and CCM find no...

mike.lo by Beginner
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