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We have 7 CUCM servers and 2 IM&P servers running 9.1 on Virtual servers. We are going to upgradeto version 11.5. We have no availability for downtime so we can only have one machine down at each time. This means Installing 11.5 into the inactive par...

pcromwell by Participant
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Hello, can someone confirm for me.   When rebooting 7942 or 8851 Cisco IP phones powered by PoE switch. The computer connected to the handset doesn't lose network connectivity?   The obvious answer the computer loses network connectivity. Because the...

Mthompson by Beginner
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Resolved! SIP Trunk & MTP

Hi Everyone,Our inbound and outbound calls fail when the MTP in the CUCM SIP Trunk configuration page is disabled. As soon as the MTP is enabled everything works well.  I don't believe it's a good practice to use MTP for each and every inbound and ou...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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Has anyone encountered this when doing an upgrade? I am attempting an upgrade of CUCM to Our VM utilize the 2500 user deployment with VM at 1 CPU, 4GB RAM and 80GB HD. I have installed the COP file "ciscocm.version3-ke...

edguidry by Beginner
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We are looking at CDR records created by CallManager and noticed there are lots of records that show vg224 ports (with analog phones) coming off-hook several consecutive times.  The CDR record shows an analog phone with original called party number, ...

dtom by Beginner
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