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I notice that LMS puts the IP and Device Hostname in the local Hosts file in windows. C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hostsMy issue is that when I edit the Identity in DCR manually the DFM display name does not reflect the DCR displaynameI tried addi...

I’m a user of EDI 2.2.1. I cannot get running-config using the “show running-config” command, it prompts error message that: Server has no copy of the device running-config. Run inventory. After I run inventory command, I still get the same problem. ...

HiI have upgraded our LMS 3.x to the new LMS 4.x Version.I have installed the new 4.x on an new server and importet the backup.I have importet a Certificate and have enabled the Browser-Server Security Mode:               Enabled I added some new Net...

mbroger by Level 1
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Ever since upgrading to the SP1 for LMS.Tomcat have become very unreliable and shuts down when I access HUM reports for any period.Process= Tomcat    State  = Administrator has shut down this server    Pid    = 0    RC     = 0    Signo  = 0    Start ...

Ian Beck by Level 1
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Hi All,In my company we are using access points for users to connect to our network.We basically add their MAC addresses to aviod users from outside easy access.This access point has a static IP.However, recently the access point has been restarted a...

Hi,I am new in ciscoworks and trying to download eval-lms-4.0. I download the eval-lms-4.0 from this link http:// But After I download it does not run in my server. It tries but don't run...

All,I am attempting to write a TCL based EEM policy to force users that entering config mode on the router to enter a ticket number from my company's service management platform, since any changes they make to a production system should be tied to ei...

mimjs1 by Level 1
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