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I have some SM-X-ES3-16-P modules inside our routers, with SNTC collecting the information about them. Inside my collector, the SM-X-ES3-16-P modules show up in the "managed devices" showing the hostname configured on the SM-X-ES3-16-P.  Then when th...

jmumm by Beginner
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For whatever reason, it would seem the below thread is considered closed: CSCvn48271 is being considered fixed.  Per the request at the end ...

SNTC - Inventory - Upload.PNG SNTC - Alert Discrepancy.PNG SNTC - Inventory - Software Filter.PNG SNTC - Reports.PNG

Pulling a custom inventory report for a customer and it's showing 2 collection dates, one in June and then the latest one.  I have the report preferences set to only show latest, not comprehensive.  I do not believe I've even see this before with any...

JSM92 by Beginner
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  CSPC 2.8 in-product help and its manual do not state the full path for the seed files. From my investigation, it seems these files should be placed at /opt/cisco/ss/adminshell/applications/CSPC/data   However, when i try to access this directory th...