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Hello,I setup an FTP server in Windows server 2008 and need to access it from the Internet. I tried to put the below configuration on my router but it is not working. 1. ip nat inside source static tcp 64321   x.x.x.x(public IP) 64321 ext...

Yadhu Tony by Level 1
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Hello ProsI had a problem on a number of switches recently for an hour, and I'm trying to findout why.  I've never seen this error before, and our network has never had a Loop, but for some reason whether is was the design or a software or hardware p...

I am working on getting my CCNP. The first exam I plan to take is the switching test BCMSN 642-812. Using the 4th Edition Self-Study Guide from Froom, Subraniaman, and Frahim.In Ch-4 it talks about End-to-End VLANs and Local VLANs. I read that secti...

sidpatel4 by Level 1
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I'm planing on implementing VSS in my environment.  However I have two routers one to each switch, that I still want to do HSRP on.  Actually, I'll set HRSP to monitor the protocol down event in order to switch to the next router.  Is it possible to ...

ty.masse by Level 1
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Hi, We implement QoS IP-Precedence in our network. But we have a problem in our Remote Sites with 2 Mbps / 4 Mbps. They received packet loss in their Polycom VideoConference.Head Office (Polycom) ------> L2 switch ------> Voice Gateway ------> MPLS -...

Hi,Has anyone come across issues with multiple GRE tunnels between two devices when using the same source and destination addresses. I've tried using tunnel keys but this makes no difference. The only way I can get this to work is between different s...

Aileron88 by Level 1
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Configuring OSPFv2 on a Nexus 5K switches, after configuring area 0 or area 10 it shows as or instead, I'm planning to uplink a couple of ASAs with OSPF enabled, just wondering if the area format showing will be a problem, is this ho...

after installation of demo versions of 2900-SEC-TEMP & 2911-2921-SSLVPN-TEMP & rebooting the 2911 router I do not have access SSL commands.Show license indicates that 2900-SEC-TEMP & 2911-2921-SSL-TEMP licenses are active but NOT IN USE.Please help

We are planning to get a couple of 2960G-8TC-8 (layer 2) switches. We would like to be able to enable/disable some ports on the switch remotely (on demand, not via scheduling). Does the web interface provide that capability? Or is telnet to CLI only ...

Hello,I am working on to design a network for small office and due to present limitations only 1 WAN router with 1 ISP is in place now, but LAN has 2 core switches with HSRP for all VLANs.At present only core1 is connected to WAN router with the stat...

s-santhosh by Level 1
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We have an SLM248G switch which seems to be giving a few problems.  When attempting to access the switch, the admin page loads but after logging-in, the admin portal page does not load fully, see screenshot.Even after a factory reset (reset button he...

asakande1 by Level 1
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